There’s nothing like knowing you’ve made a difference! Helping people find love truly is my life’s work and passion.

I love that the foundation of all your advice is based on achieving honesty, authenticity and vulnerability. I stiffen any time I read any advice from (other) dating coaches who recommend following some ‘rule’ or behaving in a way that’s calculated or inauthentic. Bravo! Thanks for keeping it real.

Karin ~ San Francisco, CA – 31

I love your dating advice and blog posts…some of the smartest and most enlightened I’ve ever read!

Jessica ~ Santa Monica, CA – 36

After listening to your insightful Smart Sexy Soulful audio series, I’ve completely changed the way I look at dating. I understand now that finding that special someone truly starts within. For the first time ever, I find myself no longer seeking him, for I know that he will come when the time is right!

Lisa ~ Boston, MA – 28

April, I’m appreciative of women like you who have been so helpful and inspiring to tons of women, especially those (like me) who focused on career and postponed matters of the heart. Your wisdom is valuable, refreshing and very authentic.

Allie ~ New York, NY – 30

Brilliant advice from a genuine source!!!

Linda ~ Boston, MA – 34

I wanted to thank you for your Smart, Sexy, Soulful class. I followed the principles and ended up meeting the love of my life. I believe that your program fosters an openness that men are craving. I didn’t realize it until I used your approach and experienced men opening up quicker. My “boyfriend” has told me several times that he feels more connected to me on an intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual level than anyone he has ever met. I really have a wonderful man whose heart is overflowing with love and kindness, and I can’t thank you enough for showing me where I need to be my open with my heart. I feel so adored and happy.

Janice ~ Los Angeles, CA – 34

April Beyer is a Dating Expert…Specialist…Top of           the Game!

She is the “Best of the Best!”

Dr. Phil McGraw ~ The Dr. Phil Show

I stumbled upon your page and so glad I did! You seem so down to earth and inspirational! I know you’re a dating coach? ha-ha, But I find you to be inspirational in all aspects! Thank you for your kind words they inspire more than you know and reach more than just the relationship challenged!!! Have a great day!!!

Kimberley ~ Toronto, CAN – 29

I was blown away on SO many levels that I am now convinced that April Beyer is the greatest matchmaker on Earth. She clearly understands people and interpersonal attraction at such a profound, intuitive level. She could’ve been a psychologist without even bothering with the PhD. Many, Many Thanks!

Rachel ~ San Francisco, CA – 35

Hi April, I listened to your Smart Sexy Soulful Dating series (2-times), and really feeling good about this new way of being that I am creating for myself. I definitely see my mistakes, and they are many, and feel clear now about what I am supposed to do. I have a direction that no one else was able to give me before.

Roxana ~ Chicago, IL – 28

Hi, April! I have been admiring your work for almost 3 years now. After a decade of reading relationship advices and books, I must say that your dating advice and values resonate the most for sincere women who are looking for wonderful, deep, loving relationships. Thank you for being You!

Christine ~ Newport Beach, CA – 34

I’m a massive fan of yours. I’m so incredibly grateful for your wisdom and insights for attracting marriage-minded men. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your course classes and I have discovered so much about myself. I have gained so much confidence. I feel like that I have completely transformed myself due to my new perspective on dating. After 3 dates with a wonderful man, I have found myself in a relationship.

Lan ~ Brisbane, Australia – 25

Thank you so much for your integrity-based approach to dating and finding the one. Finally a voice of reason & clarity to lend light in the often confusing labyrinth of dating. I’m so relieved and grateful. Thanks again to you & this amazing course!

Sarah ~ San Francisco, CA – 42

It was such a pleasure speaking with you about relationships & life in general. April, your advice is always so insightful and grounded. I’m so thankful my sister introduced me to your Smart Sexy Soulful series. It has literally changed my life (on many levels) & I’m constantly implementing small changes (per your recommendations) in my relationships. Looking forward to seeing more of you on TV (in a show where you call the shots!). Thank you again!

Alexis ~ Los Angeles, CA – 30

Dearest April, What a pleasure to finally have the privilege of meeting you in person!! Really!!!

I feel even happier now than before I met you (and I wasn’t doing it too bad before). You are absolutely wonderful and I loved how you listened to me so intently! You could have been a renowned therapist!

I trusted you immediately. Thank you so much for asking the perfect questions!!

Sandra ~ San Francisco, CA – 52

April, I am so glad to have you as my dating coach. It takes lots of patience to get through to me. I have grown tremendously since I met you. You do so much more than relationship coaching. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lynn ~ New York, NY – 36

I’ve just finished your Smart Sexy Soulful Dating course and I am SO grateful to have made that investment…I can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air you are in the dating/matchmaking arena and how much of a relief it is to find someone with such a soulful, integrity based perspective.

I listen to your CD’s often and find that my perspectives on dating has shed so much of the excess “clutter” that had been picked up along the way over years of dating, relationships and superficial external advice and rules.

Your guidance has simply taken me back to “my truth” and falling back in love with myself, my beauty, my gifts and the amazing, down-to earth, warm, woman I AM. My interactions now with men come from a place of truth and openness. Thank you April, from the bottom of my big, warm heart.

Sara ~ Boston, MA – 32

April is amazing. I was struck by her experience, knowledge and how she just seems to “get it” regarding men and relationships. I was particularly drawn to her regarding her idea that finding the person is just the beginning. Knowing how to be in a relationship is where it really happens. I truly feel that April can help me do that.

Julia ~ Columbus, OH – 49

Hearing you speak was the best time and money I’ve ever spent! You both inspired me and touched me! I felt a stronger woman walking out. I was so impressed by you.

Laurie ~ San Francisco, CA – 39

Your relationship coaching started a chain of deeper internal questions that needed to be answered, questions that I’ve never took the time to answer. Thank you for holding the space for dormant thoughts to be awakened!

Natalie ~ Los Angeles, CA – 44

I want to thank you for sharing your insight of what it means to be in a loving and enduring relationship. I’ve shared our conversation with several of my girlfriends and we all agreed that we wish we would have heard your words long ago!!

Rachel ~ Los Angeles, CA – 35

I’ve never considered engaging a dating coach to educate & empower me. This is an interesting fact considering that coaching has been a critical key to my success in business. April’s integrity, passion and commitment to her craft are inspiring. I immediately felt a sense of interest, hope & confidence that she could guide me to success in preparing for creating the relationship of my dreams.

Judy ~ Los Angeles, CA – 43

I respect and admire April so much for her feminine, sweet, clear & centered communication. Meeting her in person helped me to direct my focus to areas of myself to improve. So Thanks!

Anthea ~ Santa Monica, CA – 34

Thank you April, as always, for being the voice of reason in the massive deluge of awful dating advice!

Christine ~ San Francisco, CA – 33

Dear April, I thank you for all your advice and help in discovering what was keeping me from being smart, sexy and soulful. I learned things about myself I was never aware of. And most of all, you showed me that I’m not “broken” and that I will eventually meet that special person. It is just a matter of time.

Thank you again for being such an inspiration to me and other women who have also been searching for love. You have changed my life for the better…

Lori ~ Los Angeles, CA – 40

I didn’t know who April was until I saw her “Making Mr. Right” show on VH1. My observations were that April seems to give sound, mature advice. I used to watch Patti’s show until I realized that her philosophy/knowledge isn’t as well grounded in anything of substance. She’s just a master of sales/marketing/packaging and teaches her clients the same. April inspires women to approach a relationship in a practical and holistic way that simply just makes sense!

Melanie ~ Chicago, IL – 29

I’ve read books, friends and family have plenty of advice, but April…your suggestions have been just right. It’s as you state in your writing and video’s; it’s most important to be yourself. I know this will sound corny, but so far, everything I have watched and read by you has made me feel just-that, more myself. Your advice is a perfect match for my values, wants, needs etc…

Carrie Marie ~ Seattle, WA – 31

I listened to all your online classes very diligently. I was on eHarmony and met a really great guy. I did all the things on my dates according to your online classes & CD’s. Your classes worked! He and I have gone on 5 dates now and planning on a 6th. Thank you!

Natasha ~ Los Angeles, CA – 35

April is so fabulous and delightful…she is “One In A Million”.

Katy ~ Los Angeles, CA – 52

April, It was such a pleasure meeting you. I truly enjoyed our conversation and definitely have had a lot to think about in the days following. I honestly believe our conversation will have a large impact on my life (and dating life) in the future. Thank you again!

Alyssa ~ Phoenix, AZ – 33

Out of all of the relationship books I’ve read, I feel that the advice April gives resonates with me the best. She addresses issues I’ve faced in a way that I understand.

Rosina ~ Santa Monica, CA – 33

You are like a breath of fresh air into my dating world, and have given me renewed hope that there are actually good men out there!

Diane ~ Newport Beach, CA – 41

Thanks April. I’m really enjoying your coaching (and realize I’ve done everything opposite of what you suggest all these years).

Lesley ~ Los Angeles, CA – 41

I love the site and products! Thank you April, you are as wise and beautiful as you are fun, and stylish and kind. Thank you for all the fabulous advice and insights on modern, savvy dating, and for putting the fun back into the tangle of the sexes! I have learned so much, and am so grateful for the reignited spark and regained interest and confidence in dating. I can’t thank you enough for that!

Elizabeth ~ Houston, TX – 34

I’ve listened to your Smart Sexy Soulful discs many times in LA traffic and each time it makes something new and clear for me.

Cynthia ~ Los Angeles, CA – 30

I love the site and products! Thank you April, you are as wise and beautiful as you are fun, and stylish and kind. Thank you for all the fabulous advice and insights on modern, savvy dating, and for putting the fun back into the tangle of the sexes! I have learned so much, and am so grateful for the reignited spark and regained interest and confidence in dating. I can’t thank you enough for that!

Elizabeth ~ Toronto, CAN – 36

April has been so very personal, warm, supportive and encouraging in her videos and blog Sparks! A big “thank you” to all of you for making this site and information so accessible.

Kyle ~ Atlanta, GA – 40

I just want to tell you all your articles and advice are the best. You truly show how well gifted you are at what you do. I don’t put any advice to practice from magazines. But, yours I always do!

Lily ~ Seattle, WA – 36

The work you do is really incredible, interesting and important. I know that our paths have met for a reason. Thank you April!

Alexandra ~ Los Angeles, CA – 43 (TV Producer)

I’m so grateful to you, your classes have been so eye opening and inspiring to me! They have far exceeded my expectations. You have given me a whole new perspective on men and dating. You have given me much needed inspiration and wonderful new tools to approach my dating life.

Elaine ~ Dallas, TX – 42