Why I Do What I Do!


I was in my 20’s when I started Matchmaking. In those days, it was an odd career for a young woman. Yes, you could say I was country before country was cool.

Today Matchmaking has become extremely popular but this wasn’t the case when I began my career. No one my age had knowledge of Matchmaking and it made my own dating life challenging to say the least. I loved my single days but they also came with disappointment, confusion and heartbreak. Imagine being a single woman and your job is to help others find love and marriage.

I spent six years working at a top Matchmaking agency and from where I was sitting it didn’t look like anyone was doing what I was doing for my clients.

I rolled up my sleeves and got really involved with my clients, personally working to help each client find and embrace exactly what they needed. It was my practice to get to know my clients – male or female – extremely well, in order to match them. What made them tick? What was their story? I heard the he said/she said of every date.  I heard about the dates that went south and the dates that started amazing relationships that ultimately lead to marriage and the creation of beautiful families.


But despite my high success rate, there were some clients who just didn’t seem to benefit from my work. All of my clients came to me to find love, but less than 50% of them were able to make it happen regardless of how many great dates I set up for them. After a while, I started to ask: why were they single? Why wasn’t it working for them?

Then one Thanksgiving I got a call from yet another happy client: “We just got engaged and it’s all because of you.” I was thrilled for them but all of the sudden my excitement stopped and all I could think was, “What about me? When is it going to be my turn?” I was so good at making love happen for other people. Certainly I could do it for myself. I had met plenty of men but the relationships were fleeting, I dated the wrong guys, some that broke my heart, others that were great but just not for me.

The question began to haunt me: what was the common denominator?

I started being mindful in the course of my work, doing some research, comparing my clients and their outcomes. They were all perfectly smart, successful, attractive, and eligible people. It just didn’t make sense that some were alone, despite meeting other fantastic individuals.

Then suddenly, it hit me, and that moment changed my life forever both personally and professionally.

I realized wanting and needing love, and even hiring someone to help you find it, was different from being prepared and ready for it.

It was my light bulb moment: I wasn’t waiting for Mr. Right, I was getting ready for Mr. Right. My own relationships were a direct reflection of my current (lack of) readiness and preparation. It was a classic “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” situation.

By delving even deeper, I also discovered that women in particular can be overwhelmed with all the relationship misinformation they’re constantly bombarded with – women’s magazines, talk shows, celebrity advice, reality programming, gimmicky books, and shoddy dating services.

Listening to so much contradictory information can, in the end, be paralyzing. Brilliant women who are succeeding in all other parts of their lives can find it challenging to get into a stable relationship because of all the silly junk they’ve had to wade through in their quest for some straightforward information.

I decided that I wanted to teach women everything I knew about men, and help get them ready for relationships.

Today I’m happily married, I run Beyer & Company, one of the top Personal Matchmaking companies in the country, working with eligible, successful, highly educated, marriage-minded men. I’ve been able to share my message on major network television shows, magazines and radio programs.

On the set of my new show on VH1:”Making Mr. Right”

On the set of my new VH1 show – ”Making Mr. Right”

I’ve created hundreds of relationships, dozens of marriages and witnessed beautiful families being created. In my seminars, programs and private coaching sessions, I’ve taught women all over the world how to get ready for love and I want to do the same for you.

Maybe right now you feel like everything in your life is working, but love is the one thing that’s just out of your reach. It’s ok and you’re closer than you think.

I want you to know: It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about revealing MORE of who you are. You simply need to adjust how you see yourself and the men around you.

You prepared for your career and success, but as women, we often learn to believe that love will just magically happen. Fortunately, love is more important than something you just stumble upon. It requires special care and inspired action. Your single days, although sometimes frustrating, are golden days for you to focus on your most valuable asset: YOU.

Love is not granted because you think you deserve it. It’s given to you when you’re ready to receive it and know how to recognize it. My passion is helping women understand this, and I’m here to help you develop a solid foundation for finding the right person to love and share your life with.

This is the reason I do what I do! Because hoping and praying for love will never serve you. You’re stronger and smarter than that. Let’s get you prepared for love. Remember, you’re not waiting for Mr. Right. You’re simply getting ready for Mr. Right!

I look forward to sharing with you and being your guide, mentor and friend in love.