April loves working with the media to help decode the myths and misunderstandings that keep men and women from connecting on a meaningful level. An experienced media professional, April knows how to provide fresh, topical, informative, intriguing material that will capture the attention of viewers, readers and listeners.

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April is a fun and dynamic presence as a host. She is warm, funny, and excels at drawing individuals out of their shell to create an engaging and entertaining audience experience.

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As a dynamic and authentic television guest, April is great on camera. She excels at coaching men and women on the spot, getting to the heart of what viewers want to know about modern dating, men, women, love, and relationships. Her fifteen years of experience as an elite matchmaker to the country’s most eligible men gives her professional insight into what men and women are looking for but not finding these days. She’s willing to collaborate with producers as needed to conceptualize exciting media segments unique to a particular program. April is also available for brief appearances calling for her expertise.


Professional publications are invited to contact April for phone or email interviews related to any aspect of her work and expertise, including her program on VH1, her seventeen years as an elite professional matchmaker, or her practice as an expert dating and relationship coach. As the go-to authority on modern love, men, women, dating and relationships – she’s also available for quick quotes or insights on topically-related news items and trends.


The intimate nature of radio makes it one of April’s favorite mediums. She’s a “good talker,” whether for a roundtable or a two-way – sharing detailed, substantive information about the science, nature and habits of love that will draw listeners in. Her quick thinking, breezy humor and warm personality also make her an exceptional guest for listener call-in shows, where she’s able to respond in a dynamic and compelling manner with instantly useful advice.


April is committed to Helping Smart Women Be Smart About Love™, and to that end, she occasionally writes lifestyle essays or topical articles for publication online or in print. If you represent a professional publication with an idea and would like her to develop a pitch, she would love to hear from you.

Take a look at some examples of April’s On-Air and In-Print appearances.

April Beyer is a Dating Expert…Specialist…Top of           the Game!

She is the “Best of the Best!”

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