Private Dating & Relationship Coaching with April

Effective and Successful Dating & Relationship Coaching

I’ve helped thousands of women from all over the world to get to a place of total clarity and confidence when it comes to love, dating and relationships. I would love to give you the same guidance, and show you how you can attract and form a deep connection with a high-quality, relationship-ready man.

Private Dating Coaching with April Beyer

Private Coaching w/ April Beyer

A Practical and Holistic Approach

I’m not going to offer you gimmicks, tricks, or clever strategies to use in your dating life. Why? Because a quick-fix approach will only hurt your chances for love and yield superficial, temporary results. With me, you get something far more lasting and rewarding.

Working together, we’ll dive deep into the reasons you’ve arrived at where you are in your life today, and explore what’s needed to help you achieve your most important personal goals and dreams. What do you ultimately want out of a relationship? How do you get it? We’ll replace all the myths and confusion about dating with a refreshing new perspective, and you’ll become your most authentic self.

This wonderful transformation will not only make you happier in general, it will help you be ready for the right man to approach you, court you, and ultimately love and cherish you. Every aspect of your life matters when we work together. So, we’ll be looking at what is and isn’t working in areas of work, friendship and of course, love.

An Established Coaching Practice, and 20 Years of  Proven Experience

I’m one of the most highly regarded matchmakers and relationship consultants in the country, with hundreds of relationships and dozens of marriages to my credit. All of the dating advice I’ll be giving you is based on my experience creating successful relationships for smart, modern women and highly eligible men. I know what works. And yes, I’m a happily married woman. Who better to mentor you in your personal and relationship goals?

With me supporting you on your journey, you’ll establish a foundation for yourself that will help you attract successful relationships into your life and create meaningful connections with others. I’ve done this for so many, and I can do it for you.

My passion is Helping Smart Women Be Smart About Love™. You may feel like everything in your life is successful, except for your love life. You’ve invested time, attention and money into your education and your career; why would you not make an investment in your personal life?

If you’re serious about making a significant shift in your dating and personal life, submit your name and email for more details. Check out the coaching programs below and let’s get you started on your journey!

Smart Women Smart Love™ Coaching Programs

VIP Day with April Beyer

Get ready to kick start your transformation and spend a day with April! This is an intimate meeting with April where she’ll focus on your immediate needs, concerns and goals to give you a solid plan to move forward. You’ll come away refreshed, armed with powerful knowledge and a renewed sense of hope.

  • Initial one hour phone session (Includes audio download).
  • VIP Day at a luxury hotel (10am-2pm) Includes a delicious lunch with April.
  • April’s Smart Sexy Soulful Dating™ 3-Disc Audio series.
  • Priority scheduling and discount for April’s 3-Month Transformation Program.
  • VIP Days are available on Wednesday and Friday and require a two week notice for scheduling.

3-Month Smart Sexy Soulful Dating Transformation Program

This program is based on April’s Smart Sexy Soulful Dating™ series and is the foundation for all of April’s coaching. Become the woman who knows how to approach her love life with knowledge, confidence and clarity.

  • Six 1-hour phone/Skype coaching sessions with April.
  • Audio downloads of all calls.
  • Unlimited private email support during your 3-month program.
  • Includes the Smart Sexy Soulful Dating™ 3-Disc CD series.
  • Continued phone support at a discounted rate once your initial program is complete.

Smart Women Smart Love – Online Dating Success Program

Tired of online dating or reluctant to give it a try? April reviews thousands of profiles each month and knows what it takes to be authentic, attractive and how to stand out on line.  It’s not easy to write about yourself or know how to ask for what you need in a positive and concise way. Your profile is not a list of wants and wishes. It’s the story of you. Let’s tell your story! Trans Coaching

  • One hour phone/Skype coaching session with April to learn about you and the type of partner you are seeking.
  • Review or creation of your online profile. You start it, April works her magic!
  • April’s tips for saving time and frustration while dating online (digital download).
  • Advice on photos, wardrobe and the type of images that get the RIGHT attention.
  • April’s online dating do’s and don’ts (digital download).
  • Includes the Smart Sexy Soulful Dating™ 3-Disc CD series.
  • Discounted rates and priority scheduling for any of April’s private coaching programs.

You’re closer than you think! Let’s take you from where you are today and get you the love you want and  deserve! Submit your name and email address for more details and let’s start your journey today!

Wishing you New Beginnings and Lasting Relationships®
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There’s nothing like knowing you’ve made a difference! Helping people find love truly is my life’s work and passion.

You have so much wisdom and I really love your more traditional approach to dating. It is a breath of fresh air!!

Heather ~ San Francisco, CA – 42

I came to April not knowing about what I needed from a relationship, who I needed and with a lot of uncertainty that I would ever be able to figure this out. After three months, I had a stronger sense of self, a deep awareness for how I was creating (or not creating) connection and very tangible things to focus on. My overall relationships have improved. I was always confident, but I was perhaps overconfident (and like most successful career women, feeling like I had to prove something). With April, we worked on my vulnerability, listening/connecting approach and just having the quiet knowing. I’m now attracting men with my whole new confidence, but more important I feel great and have a stronger belief in what I need from a partner and can give one.

Kristen ~ San Francisco, CA – 29

Wow, you just blew me away with your changes to my online dating profile. I was having an especially difficult time working on the description of who “he” is and how I should be perceived by “him” and you did a masterful job of capturing this. Thank you so much!

MJ ~ Los Angeles, CA – 30

We just hung up from our call and I feel like I should say how much hope you are giving me. It’s been an honor and I look forward to more great lessons, thoughts, communication and laughs to come. It’s such a relief to speak with someone that finally gets me. I can only imagine that you make many other people feel this same way. Already I have learned so much about myself with your help and know there is plenty more to come.

Christie ~ Charlotte, NC – 28

My calls have been so great! April is SO good at what she does. It’s amazing. She really gets me thinking and things are shifting already, I can feel it. I can’t wait to meet her in our one-on-one meeting!

Catrin ~ Boston, MA – 32

Your relationship coaching started a chain of deeper internal questions that needed to be answered, questions that I’ve never took the time to answer. Thank you for holding the space for dormant thoughts to be awakened!

Natalie ~ Los Angeles, CA – 46

I wanted to again express my most sincere appreciation for your continued efforts in coaching me. You always give far beyond expectations! You have such wisdom and I truly connect with the inspiring woman that you are.

Dana ~ San Francisco, CA – 31

Coaching and meeting with you gave me opportunities to further explore some of my questions, doubts and concerns which I’ve previously tried to discuss with other psychologists unsuccessfully, which is why I was knocking on your door looking for guidance.

Beth ~ San Diego, CA – 29

April immediately put me at ease & gently invited me to be vulnerable, encouraging an attitude of fun & joy back into my perspective. The overall effect helped raise my energy, as well as lowered my defenses. Both critical if I wanted to “Be” the right person, to then “attract” the right man into my life. Our talks helped me make subtle shifts in behavior. Always helping me see the dating process as fresh, optimistic, fun and hopeful. April has a wealth of practical information, is wise beyond her years and full of love & joy.

Diane ~ Los Angeles, CA – 51

This coaching experience was light years away from what I could ever have expected. I felt so incredibly inspired when I got back to NY. While I sat on the beach in Santa Monica, reflecting on all the experiences just before leaving, a man sat down next to me and started chatting. That’s a sign!!!

I am so excited about what the future has in store for me…Thank you for leading the way!!! Lots of love.

Kathleen ~ New York, NY – 44

I’ve never considered engaging a dating coach to educate & empower me. This is an interesting fact considering that coaching has been a critical key to my success in business. April’s integrity, passion and commitment to her craft are inspiring. I immediately felt a sense of interest, hope & confidence that she could guide me to success in preparing for creating the relationship of my dreams.

Judy ~ Los Angeles, CA – 43

Those few weeks of coaching with you several months ago were incredibly insightful. I’m in a better place than where I was before our coaching. I thank you for that!

Laura ~ San Diego CA – 40

Passion and heart! I see why you’ve been so successful. Especially enjoyed our time together! You are beautiful, bright and loving as well. Looking forward to more great conversations and education as well in my new world of dating!

Lisa ~ Los Angeles, CA – 38

Thank you for an absolutely amazing three months. This is something that I will always remember and will be able to go back to and reference for the rest of my life (and I mean far beyond just dating). You should know what an enormous impact you have had on my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time and inspiration that you so generously have given me.

Jackie ~ Toronto, CAN – 31

Your advice has been priceless and you are just such an amazing person in general…definitely an inspiration!

Christian ~ Memphis, TN – 35

As frustrated as I am with the men I’ve been meeting, I’m feeling much more confident about myself lately…I feel like I’m actually living and have taken a different approach at work. I added my credentials to my signature line and am setting limits – I’m amazed that it is working. Moving into my condo in Boston along with working with you has definitely made a positive change in myself.

Laurie, MBA, PhD ~ Boston, MA – 36

I think of you and the work we did together over the last 90 days almost daily. I am re-training my brain (if you will) toward being more present, open, and feminine. I think back and am amazed at how many changes I have made since initially speaking with you…I also plan on sending along a written note that describes my appreciation for your insights.

Tammy ~ Boston, MA – 33

I’m glad to have known you and I am blessed by the insight I was able to receive from you.

Roxanne, Chicago, IL – 28

April just feels like one of those people that you’ve known your whole life. The weekend could not have gone any better. I am still high on life from my meeting with her.

Erin ~ San Francisco, CA – 39

April, I had to tell you, I had the BEST Sat. night in a very long time. I just finished your 1st Smart Sexy Soulful CD…It’s 1am but I can’t go to sleep without finishing the rest. You are so amazing! I am so happy I met you. What a great CD series and the way you talk and you voice is so relaxing and soothing!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Can’t wait for our next coaching call!

Sandy, New York, NY – 32

I am so sad to see our sessions coming to an end, but I want to Thank You so very much for a fantastic time. You are an amazing person who has truly inspired me in so many different ways. Thank you for opening my eyes!

Catrina ~ New York, NY – 30

Thank you for all of your advice, counsel and friendship. You are so dear, sincere, wise and have helped me in so many ways.

Andrea ~ San Francisco, CA – 39 (Attorney)

April, I am so glad to have you as my dating coach. It takes lots of patience to get through to me. I have grown tremendously since I met you. You do so much more than relationship coaching. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lynn ~ New York, NY – 36

LOVED speaking to April. Her class, honesty, realness, humility, professionalism, and obvious success are admirable and I know my privacy will be respected. VERY important to me.

Client ~ Los Angeles, CA