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The Friday Takeaway

Want an Easy Way to Create a First Date Connection?

It happens to us all: You find yourself out with someone and you just can’t relax. You’re thinking about how you’re coming across, and you’re trying to learn as much about him as you can to determine if you might be right for each other. It’s a lot of pressure, and it certainly can kill the fun, let alone the chance for a real connection.

And sometimes, the nerves are his! That can make things even more complicated.

In there …

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The Friday Takeaway

The High Cost of Choosing the Wrong Mate

Emotions, whether we like it or not, affect our business. This is also true of the long-term decisions we make in our personal lives.

We’ve all heard the statistics. Arguably, about half of all first marriages end in divorce.

The good news is this number may be dropping slightly, partly due to the fact that women are choosing to delay marriage until careers have been established, and with this, people find themselves getting married at a more mature age. …

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The Friday Takeaway

What Men Think About Your Independence

Last weekend was Independence Day, and while I always enjoy the wonderful summer celebration, I’m also reminded each year of something women say to me on a regular basis: “I have trouble meeting a great guy. My independence is intimidating to men.”

Why do so many women say this? The women who come to me with this issue are truly amazing women. Confident, successful, educated, fit. They have incredible friends, powerful careers and the freedom to travel. The only thing …

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