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The Friday Takeaway

How to Stand Out and Succeed at Online Dating, Part Three

Have you ever wondered why some women meet great guys online, while others are only meeting the ones they don’t want, or worse, getting no attention at all?

While it begins with beautiful photos and a great profile, there is more to it than that. As I mentioned briefly last week, the way you feel about yourself and (believe it or not) about dating in general, actually comes across in your profile. Even if you think it doesn’t, subtle cues …

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The Friday Takeaway

How Gratitude Improves the Quality of Your Relationships

Whether you’re married or dating someone, you know that relationships take work. When you’re frustrated because you aren’t getting everything you need, you wonder if it’s all worthwhile or maybe, there’s someone better for you out there. If you think about it, how is it that you can spend your entire life developing your personality only to grow up, meet a man and expect him to be able to know every corner of your heart and serve your relationship in …

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The Friday Takeaway

How to Stand Out and Succeed at Online Dating, Part Two

I can’t believe the holidays are already upon us! This is that time of year when we split our time between warm gatherings with family, and festive parties with friends and colleagues. It’s also a time to make the most of being single because with all the festivities, you have a great chance to meet someone while out and about.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep exploring all avenues, so following up on last week’s post, today I’m going …

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