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The Friday Takeaway

Are You Avoiding Something Important and Meaningful?


                  Beauty is the light in the heart. – Khalil Gibran

You typically hear dating and relationship advice from me, but you also know that I look at life and love in a holistic way. After all, you can’t have healthy relationships with people unless you have a healthy relationship with yourself, and a connection to a healthy body. It all goes together, and leaving one aspect of yourself out of the big picture can leave you without the frame …

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The Friday Takeaway

Finding Love Isn’t Only About You…

To everything there is a season, and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to relationships started with Beyer & Company. Every year I see the patterns of the human heart: the blooming of new romance in the spring, the sexiness of summer, the vows and promises before friends and family at ceremonies from May through September.

As a Matchmaker, I have the privilege to be part of so many bonds, witnessing the joy of two people …

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The Friday Takeaway

Three Things Relationship Ready Men Do

Your friend is having a book launch party, or some other casual affair, so after a busy Saturday, you twist up your hair, throw on a simple summer dress, and head out the door. You’re going to support her success and enjoy yourself in a relaxed setting, maybe have a glass of wine. The last thing on your mind is meeting Mr. Right or any approximation thereof. It’s just not on your radar at this moment.

But if you read …

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