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The Friday Takeaway

The Cinderella Syndrome — Are You Too Sweet?

I recently watched the film Cinderella with my nineteen year old niece. She was the perfect movie partner, as she’s just now developing her interest in boys, her unique voice, and her opinions in life.

We’ve all seen many variations of this classic story, whether in book, play or movie form. This time, there’s a bit of a twist, but the heart of the story remains:

“Have courage and be kind,” Cinderella tells us.

After all, her late mother gives …

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The Friday Takeaway

Do You Ever Just Want to Give Up on Dating?

Spring is here at last! And as we’ve discussed before on Sparks!, there’s evidence that more than just the weather begins to heat up this time of year! The budding greenery and the sweet music of chirping birds are the first signs heralding the very real phenomenon known as Spring Fever.

But what if you’re not in that place right now? What if the coming April showers are more appealing to you than a spring fling, and you just …

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The Friday Takeaway

How Google Can Hurt Your Dating Life

It finally happened. My darling Father (who isn’t computer savvy at all) told me today to “Google” advice about my washing machine that’s on the fritz. Wow! Really? My 84 year old Dad knows what Google is.

I don’t know where we would be without it. Information of every kind is right at our fingertips. Need to know something? Type it into Google. We’ve come to rely on it to make decisions of all stripes. It’s the best thing ever!…

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