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The Friday Takeaway

Lululemon and the Demise of Feminine Attire

I love my Lululemon pants. After all, I’m not immune to the comfortable yet stylish look and feel of these modern updates from the tired and baggy sweat pants of the Days of Yore. I too, have been guilty of spending a small fortune on active wear, like so many millions of women walking and jogging the earth.

The shiny, hanging, price tags from our stretchy pull on pants scream out to us, and make us feel o.k. (no, downright …

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The Friday Takeaway

Is Your Relationship a Fixer-Upper?

One of my favorite shows on HGTV is Fixer Upper. Joanna and Chip Gaines are a designer/builder duo who are not only partners in business — but in love, marriage and family as well. Throughout the show we see this dynamic and gorgeous couple working together, and from time to time we get a peak into their personal life. It’s like a picture: The beautiful kids and the family farm. It’s ideal, and the feeling you come away with …

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The Friday Takeaway

Have You Hit a Relationship Roadblock?

You’ve been waiting for a magical sign…

A twinkle in his eye. A trip to his hometown to meet his family. A dainty blue box cleverly hidden in the hall closet just above the winter coats and yoga mats. You’re sure you’re going to catch that mischievous grin on his face that hides the “big secret” he’s not willing to share just yet.

Something — anything — that will give you a sense of comfort and safety in knowing that …

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