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Why Trying to Be a Bitch Backfires in Love

There’s plenty of dating advice out there encouraging women to employ what we might call “underhanded” tactics to attract and maintain a relationship. And there’s no doubt this concept sells books. But does it work? That’s what Jenn wants to know:

April, I have read three dating advice books: The Manual, Why Men Love Bitches, and Why Men Marry Bitches. The Bitches books rang so utterly true to me, and I see these ladies all the time

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The Friday Takeaway

“Spring Cleaning” Your Love Life in Five Simple Steps

If you’re anything like me, you love this time of year. Not just because of the longer days and the budding greenery, but because of the opportunity to renew anything and everything about your life that may need an overhaul. And that includes your love life! Who doesn’t love a fresh start?

Gratitude and Forgiveness as a Starting Point

Airing out closets and opening windows at this time of year is a healthy ritual, reminding us of the cycle of …

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One to One with April

Why Your Engagement Should Never Be a Surprise

I always smile at the TV commercials for engagement rings. There’s a really silly one in particular, a Robbin’s Brother’s commercial, where the ring frames the center of the screen, and within that enormous dangling-carrot ring, you see a montage of a dozen wildly excited women.

“Yes, Yes!” everyone cries out in total shock as if they had no idea it was their engagement day. It’s almost as if they’re desperately saying, “Thank you for choosing me!”


But …

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