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The Friday Takeaway

Three Ways Your Social Media Persona Works Against You

Last year, while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I learned that my beautiful 39 year-old friend Sarah had passed away in her sleep. It took 10 minutes of disbelief and staring at the post several times before my mind could put it all together. Although I was glad to be in the loop, it was a shocking way of hearing of her sudden and untimely death. My knees buckled, and I literally fell to the floor. We hadn’t spoken in …

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The Friday Takeaway

Attracting Love from the Right Kind of Man in 2016

Reflect and Reset

As 2015 comes to an end, we have the opportunity to look back at what the year has brought us, and at what lies ahead. It’s a time to hit the reset button and, although I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, I am definitely someone who believes in changing behavior when something isn’t working.

If you’re a business owner as I am, you’ll know that I always have an ear to the ground listening to …

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The Friday Takeaway

How Celebrations Reflect Your Values — A Personal Letter

It’s been a busy year. If you’re feeling that everything has seemed more challenging, chaotic and different from how things used to be, you’re not alone.

The beauty of life is that it’s always changing for and around us. We can’t always impose our will and turn back the clock. Not only is it not possible, it’s the opposite of what will truly make us fulfilled and happy. I truly believe that when we are sad, disappointed or heartbroken about …

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